Fire SwordEdit

Infuses the sword with the power of flames, increasing its attack power. Continuous/ Unblockable/ Guard Break/ Fire.

Icon Technique Unlock AP
Ability 01 Fire Sword Hellpot Flame ???
Ability 01 Fire Sword Lv2 Nebuladon Egg, Flame God's Stone 15


Uses a warrior's wisdom to increase the enemy evasion rate. Continuous.

Ability 01 Parry Spirit Bell ???
Ability 01 Parry Lv2 Mirror Unit, Relaxing Aroma, Hard Candy 11

Drunken BurstEdit

The power of grog increases all allies' attack power! Instant.

Ability 09 Drunken Burst Hellpot Flame, Pirate's Grog ???
Ability 09 Drunken Burst Lv2 Captain's Sock, Pirate's Grog, Stamina Extract 13


Calls down violent lightning bolts to attack all enemies. Instant/ Electric.

Ability 02 Lightning Medusa's Locks, Diamond ???
Ability 02 Lightning Lv2 Nebuladon Egg, Silver Bangle, Thunder Stone ???
Ability 02 Lightning Lv3 Rose of Passion, Silver Bangle, Thunder Stone, Revolva Alloy 27

Twin SwordEdit

Unleashes the legendary twin-sword technique. Twice the swords, twice the attack power! Continuous/ Ice/ Wind/ Daze

Ability 01 Twin Sword Lunar Ribbon, Mirror Unit, Iron Board ???
Ability 01 Twin Sword Lv2 Lucky Clover, Mirror Unit, Dreamflower Ash, Iron Board 30

Death BreakEdit

Sends enemies to their deaths with a cursed sword dance. Instant/ Electric/ Holy.

Ability 02 Death Break Alluring Lamp, Dragon God Skull ???
Ability 02 Death Break Lv2 Dark Music Box, Dragon God Skull, Ruby ???
Ability 02 Death Break Lv3 Mermaid's Scale, Hellpot Flame, Dragon God Skull, Ruby 46

Inferno VortexEdit

Zegram and Simon's wind and fire combination attack. Instant/ Fire/ Wind.

Ability 02 Inferno Vortex Nebuladon Egg, Flame God's Stone, Myriad Branch ???
Ability 02 Inferno Vortex Lv2 Rose of Passion, Hoho Bird Feather, Flame God's Stone, Hot Breath ???
Ability 02 Inferno Vortex Lv3 Crystal Staff, Cyclonic Pump, Rose of Passion, Flame God's Stone, Hoho Bird Feather 39

Gates of HellEdit

Zegram, Jaster and Lilika's ultimate combination attack. Instant/ Wind/ Holy.

Ability 02 Gates of Hell Dark Music Box, Mirror Unit, Ruby, Relaxing Aroma ???
Ability 02 Gates of Hell Lv2 Rose of Passion, Skull Necklace, Medusa's Locks, Ruby, Relaxing Aroma ???
Ability 02 Gates of Hell Lv3 Galactic Compass, Cumulus Pendant, Dragon God Skull, Medusa's Locks, Ruby, Relaxing Aroma 47

HP UpEdit

Increases Maximum HP a fair amount.

Ability 03 HP Up Lv1 Nebuladon Egg, Stamina Extract 0
Ability 03 HP Up Lv2 Lucky Clover, Electric Eel, Stamina Extract, Yago Milk 0

Attack UpEdit

Increases basic attack power significantly.

Ability 04 Attack Up Lv1 Stamina Extract, Ruby 0
Ability 04 Attack Up Lv2 Lunar Ribbon, Ruby, Sanchez Fruit, Wake-Up Drops 0
Ability 04 Attack Up Lv3 Lucky Clover, Brave Symbol, Flame God's Stone, Strength Star, Sanchez Fruit 0

Defense UpEdit

Increases basic defense power a fair amount.

Ability 05 Defense Up Lv1 Nebuladon Egg, Mirror Unit 0
Ability 05 Defense Up Lv2 Trumpet of Glory, Diamond, Mellow Banana 0

Fire UpEdit

Increases the Fire Element of attacks.

Ability 04 Fire Up Sealing Sunsphere, Ultraspicy Pepper 0

Lightning UpEdit

Increases the Lightning Element of attacks.

Ability 04 Lightning Up Sealing Sunsphere, Revolva Alloy 0

AP EfficiencyEdit

Reduces AP consumption when using abilities a fair amount.

Ability 06 AP Efficiency Lv1 Trumpet of Glory, Relaxing Aroma 0
Ability 06 AP Efficiency Lv2 Mermaid's Scale, Lubricant, Relaxing Aroma, Hard Candy 0

Fire ResistanceEdit

Increases resistance of Fire Element attacks (high level).

Ability 05 Fire Resistance Lv1 Hoho Bird Feather 0
Ability 05 Fire Resistance Lv2 Lunar Ribbon, Absolute Zero Stone 0
Ability 05 Fire Resistance Lv3 Rose of Passion, Absolute Zero Stone, Hard Candy, Divine Protection 0

Lightning ResistanceEdit

Increases resistance to Lightning Element attacks (medium level).

Ability 05 Lightning Resistance Lv1 Dark Music Box, Sticky Gum 0
Ability 05 Lightning Resistance Lv2 Lucky Clover, Myriad Branch, Smoked Rainbow Newt, Sticky Gum 0

Daze DefenseEdit

Increases resistance to "Dazed" status.

Ability 05 Daze Defense Izerium Alloy, Smoked Rainbow Newt 0

Poison DefenseEdit

Increases resistance to "Dazed" status.

Ability 05 Poison Defense Izerium Alloy, Queen Bee Stinger 0

Burning StrikeEdit

Enables activation of 5/7/9-hit Burning Strike attacks.

Ability 04 Burning Strike Lv1 Ancient Scroll I 0
Ability 04 Burning Strike Lv2 Ancient Scroll II 0
Ability 04 Burning Strike Lv3 Ancient Scroll III 0

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