Vedan - Vedan is a mining planet full of criminals, drinkers and miners. It is located between Alistia and the portal to Eden, otherwise known as Mariglenn. Vedan is cold and damp causing many caverns to appear. In fact, a mine full of Gold and Silver veins appeared, causing the planet to go psycho. This cave became the Rockbelter Mine, and a young man named Gale took hold of the operation. However, the mines are just part of Vedan. An orpanage ran by a young boy named Harry lies in the vast and dangerous sewers under Vedan. The main part of Vedan is Myna, a large city full of stores and houses. Myna consists of a cold looking city, with train tracks running amuck in the middle of the streets. Gang members are seen scattered about the city, overlooking its residents. Normal residents are not allowed into the Daytron building that looms over the city.

Planetary Profile Edit

Climate: Nice and normal.
Population: Minding their own buisiness.
Areas: Spaceport, Myna, Rockbelter Mine, Cancer King's Ruins
Major Exports: Ore, Metal, Completely legal and legimate goods and services
Major Imports: Miners, broken dreams

Party Members Met Here:Edit

Places of interest Edit

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