Daytron Corporation President Valkog Drazer

Daytron Corporation president Valkog Drazer is a major antagonist in Rogue Galaxy whose primary concern is profiteering from the intergalactic war between the Longardian Federation and the Draxilian Empire.


Valkog is about as pompous and self-absorbed as one can get. He is a living manifestation of Pride, Greed and Gluttony and it shows in his appearance and mannerisms. He cares nothing for the people harmed in the war, nor does he care about whether or not the war is actually accomplishing anything. The way he sees it, as long as he can turn a profit in the end, he could care less if he ran the entire Wilherser system into the proverbial ground.


Valkog is a short, devil-looking man with blonde hair, shifty eyes and a Hitler-style Toothbrush Mustache. He wears an expensive-looking robe and several rings the most often one a ruby red but slightly pink jewel for his right hand middle finger. He can often be seen being driven around in a large black limo by his assistant Norma with his associate Dr. Izel. Together, they make up the top ranks of the Daytron Corporation.


After the defeat of Seed, Valkog's - and, indeed, the Daytron Corporation's - ultimate goal is to seek out Eden in order to tap into the nearly limitless powers of Rune and create an army of monsters with which to flood the vast reaches of the galaxy and thus prolong the intergalactic war, theoretically maximizing his possible profits from it. He succeeds, though it is a hollow victory indeed as the masterless Rune power snags his ship and drags he and his associates and henchmen down into it. The dark powers of the Rune mutate all of them together to create the Demon Battleship, the final boss of the game. The Demon Battleship (and thus Valkog as well) is killed by Jaster and the Dorgengoa Pirates when their attacks weaken its body to the point that, as Zegram points out, the ship's engine explodes. This effectively finishes off Valkog and company once and for all.


  • When battling Valkog's hands on the Demon Battleship, Valkog will yell in pain as soon as you defeat one of the hands. Why the hands were inside the demon battle ship instead of on the outside like Norma and Izel's is hard to guess.
  • While he actually fantasizes about being the galactic emperor, he does have more power than anyone in Longardia or Draxil.


  • English Version: David Lodge
  • Japanese Version: Kenji Utsumi