Starr is an inspector of Zerard's police. He was the one that hired Jaster Rogue, Steve and Lilika to defeat and secure the hacker Jupis Tooki McGanel and free the Daytron facility on Zerard from his control.

Opponent Info (Rank A: Round 4)Edit

Rank a starr

COLONEL LEON: Military Beetle (King)
JACKAL: Hopskotcher
WOLFY: Hopskotcher
FALCON: Hopskotcher
FOX: Hopskotcher
Four Insectors from Hopper Family so another round that you can conquer easily. Each hopper on field is a rank 6 one. Their ability permits them to jump behind your Insectors. Protect your king surrounding to avoid getting hit from behind if the hoppers leaped your Insectors. Attack the king in groups so that before it gets the chance to use it's deadly Cannon Blast.

Insectors statsEdit

Stats Rank a 04 military beetle Rank a 04 hopskotcher1 Rank a 04 hopskotcher2 Rank a 04 hopskotcher3 Rank a 04 hopskotcher4
Name Military Beetle Hopskotcher Hopskotcher Hopskotcher Hopskotcher
HP 722 528 558 526 536
Str 94 98 88 88 90
Def 74 76 84 82 82
Knockback 87 66 51 67 58
Confusion 86 53 52 52 54
Cut 77 53 60 52 55
Explosion 76 57 60 62 65
Throw 89 60 51 52 59
Poison 78 66 66 58 51

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