SSS Ixion
Name: Ixion
Chapter available: 8
Details: Ixion can be manufactured at the factory using:

SSS Pride of Kings
Name: Pride of Kings
Chapter available: 10
Details: When you returned form Johannasburg go to Salgin and talk to Ulbor outside the church. Doing so will cause a new chest to spawn inside the church. Go inside the church and open it to obtain the Pride of Kings. The chest requires the Star Key.

SSS Desert Seeker
Name: Desert Seeker
Chapter available: 1
Details: Desert Claw gives Jaster this sword in chapter one before Steve and Simon join your party.

SSS Great Caesar
Name: Great Caesar
Chapter available: 8
Details: Buy The Annals of Hades from Corbis. Talk to Rodullier inside the same shop. Next, head for Rosa: Ancient Ruins/ Near the Tunnel. Go inside the tunnel then head straight north after you exit the tunnel. By the middle area you will find Elderly Man behind the pillar. Talk to him and choose "No" to obtain the Great Caesar!

SSS Duke Nightmare
Name: Duke Nightmare
Chapter available: 11
Details: Buy Metal Breaker from Alice; Grand Calibur from Wanboko; Spirit Calibur from Kayo; Adamon Raiser from Narcissus

Metal Breaker + Grand Calibur = Demon Rouser
Spirit Calibur + Adamon Raiser = Majestic Halo
Majestic Halo + Demon Rouser = Duke Nightmare

SSS Cosmolore
Name: Cosmolore
Chapter available: 8
Details: Begin at Juraika: Path to the Ruins/ Endpoint. Head west to the second big rectangle area. There you will find Mesod. Talk to him then go to Zerard: Gladius Towers/ 1st Tower: 3F. From the transporter take the first left and head all the way to the northern part. When you get there you should be able to find Silman (a bit on the right). Talk to him then go to Vedan: Cancer King's Ruins/ Orphan's Hideout. Make way to the north-east corner of this area. Talk to Nico there then return on board the Dorgenark/ Control Room. Talk to Carraco at the Terminal. Lastly, enter the room (with sofa) next to the Transporter. Examine the middle monument to obtain the sword.

SSS Pegasus Lord
Name: Pegasus Lord
Chapter available: 11
Details: Head for Rosa: Labyrinth/ Entrance. Head straight south to find Kyralil Bell. Talk to her twice. Now, Blaster J location is not fixed. It's best to start searching him from one end to another. Start from the Entrance's Transporter and head all the way to the Maze of Decision. Make sure to search high and low grounds properly. Equip the Stealth Guard to eliminate random encounters. Alternatively, you might try your luck from the Maze of Chaos Transporter! When you do find Blaster J talk to him to receive the sword.