Sebastian was a the loyal butler of the famous pirate captain Arabis and part of his crew. Now a ghost he welcomes the visitors of the Ghost Ship.


800 years before the beginning of Rogue Galaxy Sebastian and the crew were going in search of a planet rumored to be entirely made of gold. But before finding it Arabis and his ship get trapped in a space-time anomaly and disappeared. The now ghost ship then drift through the darkness of space endelessly reappearing casually for time to time. Since then Sebastian's ghost manifest himself to the ship visitors saying them that they are Arabis spiritual successor and that the treasure is their. However this is only a lie for good, as Sebastian true intentions are to make the visitors clash with Arabis' ghost that resides in the treasury and free him from his curse. Once Arabis is defeated by the Dorgengoa's pirate he thank them for freeing his master and says that they can take the treasure as they don't need it anymore.

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