Opponent Info (Rank C: Round 2)Edit

Rank c sam

PIERRE: Mega Mantis (King)
MINGLE: Scissorface
KAESAL: Shoveler
CHUPITCH: Driller Bee
You need to carefully advance your team in this round. Scissorface you have already fought against it a couple of times. You know this Insector can throw you off the board if you allow it to get close to your Insectors while they are near the edge. Keep track of Sprite as this one can convert your allies into your enemies. It's best to destroy Sprite first. Also try to restrain Driller Bee movement. Possibly by surrounding it and then finishing it before it get it turns. Use the same technique against Mega Mantis. Surround the King and defeat it before it can performs Sickle Dance.

Insectors statsEdit

Stats Rank c 02 mega mantis Rank c 02 scissorface Rank c 02 shoveler Rank c 02 sprite Rank c 02 driller bee
Name Mega Mantis Scissorface Shoveler Sprite Driller Bee
HP 412 321 501 288 282
Str 76 62 76 78 72
Def 52 62 50 58 54
Knockback 48 36 26 29 40
Confusion 49 44 39 39 40
Cut 55 44 32 26 43
Explosion 51 38 41 34 38
Throw 55 37 42 43 41
Poison 59 44 31 45 33

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