The Rose Nebula is the Nebula located after leaving the planet Rosa. It is a beautiful, red colored Nebula visible on the Planet Selection screen on the Dorgenark Ship.

Jaster looking up at the Rose Nebula


The Rose Nebula plays a somewhat small role in the game. The first time is seen is when Jaster looks up at the sky wondering what's out there. It is also seen in a flashback with Raul and a young Jaster talking. The Rose Nebula is again seen at the ending of the first chapter, where Jaster arrives on the Dorgenark, and goes on deck with Kisala. They both marvel at

Jaster and Kisala in Dorgenark near the Rose Nebula

the magnificent sight of the Rose Nebula. It is accessable on the planet map menu. It does nothing, other than transporting the ship into mid-space with nothing to do.

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