Salgin, Surrounded by desert

Enslaved under the rule of the Longardian Federation, the Galaxy Corporation's official guide to the Wilherser System says that Rosa is a largely uncivilised planet rich in natural beauty but sparse in population. Only two towns are ever seen in-game on Rosa, one of them hidden behind an illusion. It is said that Rosa was once a bountiful planet, but the years have not been kind; Rosa has apparently been stripped of its resources, leaving its residents to scrape up a living as best they can. It is implied that the Longardian Federation is to blame for this.

Planetary Profile Edit

Climate: Hot and humid

Jaster Rogue meets Desert Claw in Salgin

Population: Sparse
Areas: Salgin, Salgin Residential Area, Ancient Ruins, Labyrinth, Kuje Desert, Johannasburg
Major Exports: Sand, Yago Milk, beast hide
Major Imports: Hunters

Party Members Met Here:Edit

Places of Interest Edit

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