Red Spider 019 Stats
019 Red Spider
Level HP Attack Defense
18 900 82 200
Exp Zehn Min Zehn Max Barrier
17 63 78 None
Elemental Weakness Min Kills Max Points
Ice 30 2, 000
Item Drops (Rate)
Electroless (10%), Medusa's Locks (4%), Heal Potion (3%), Thunder Stone (2%), Queen Bee Stinger (2%), Hoho Bird Feather (2%), Ultraspicy Pepper (2%), Nebula Opal (1%)
Juraika: Path to the Altar. Red Spiders are easily encountered from The Crashed Cruiser teleporter up to just before the Waterfall teleporter. They can also be found on the way to Near Sherio's teleporter. As well, they can also be encountered from the Star God's Altar teleporter back to the waters edge.

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