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Icon Name Description Price Sell
Items arbin's chalice
Arbin's Chalice
The grail of the dark elves that flourished long ago. Could once turn any liquid into wine. 5, 800 580
Chapter 8: Head for Juraika: Burkaqua Village/ Path to Burkaqua Exit. Take the north path (go down on minimap) to find Souie nearby the village. Talk to him twice. Teleport to Path to Burkaqua/ Near the Spring. Jump down and go north (down on minimap) to find Balmon. Now before you talk to her; have Jaster (Jungle Coat), Kisala (Tribal Two-Piece) and Lilika (Warrior's Clothes) present on field with the jungle outfits on. Once Balmon confirms your are from the jungle she will hand over the Arbin's Chalice

Icon Name Description Price Sell
Items character mug
Character Mug
This doll’s smile is said to be a sign of the apocalypse. Its lips are beginning to curl up. 4, 600 460
Chapter 7: Start from Zerard: East Side / Near the Insectron Stadium. Head west towards the tunnel that leads to the Main Street. Speak to Oakton at the entrance of the tunnel. Use any nearby transporter and teleport at the Starship Factory/ Near the Entrance. Go left and talk to Louick. Now teleport to Starship Factory/ Near Poccachio'c Lab. Go inside the lab and inspect the cardboard box on the right to obtain the Character Mug. With this item in your possession you can talk to Ikarot outside the lab to receive Perfect Elixir.

Icon Name Description Price Sell
Items lepognon mammoth tusk
Lepognon Mammoth Tusk
A bone from the biggest, strongest mammoth ever, said to have gone extinct 1000 years ago. 15, 000 1, 500
Chapter 8: First requirement is that you have already defeated The Tower Predator. Return to the Zerard: Gladius Towers: 1st Tower: 6F and take the elevator to reach 7F. Make all the way to the bridge where you fought The Tower Predator. If you have just defeated the mark then exit and re-enter the bridge. You will find Watclos on the left side of the bridge. Talk to him then return to the transporter. This time choose Galaxy Corporation/ Entrance as your destination. From the transporter head north to the Galdius Towers Route. At the intersection talk to Linda on the left. Lastly, teleport to Rosencaster Prison: Inferior Pathway A3: Waste Area. Go north in the room where the dead salamander is. Examine its head to receive the Lepognon Mammoth Tusk.

Icon Name Description Price Sell
Items luvanda blade
Luvanda Blade
A beautiful, artistic sword. Its engravings date back to the era of the Star King. 10, 000 1, 000
Chapter 11: Start from Rosa: Ancient Ruins/ Near the Tunnel. Leave the transporter area form the west side. Keep hugging the left wall and you will eventually arrive at Muskul location (south-west corner from the Transporter). Talk to him then teleport to Labyrinth/ Near the Core. Go south into the big room. Hug the left side until you see Strange Animal. Talk to it to receive Luvanda Blade.

Icon Name Description Price Sell
Items maid robot betty
Maid Robot Betty
A helper robot, as you’d expect. Despite her looks, she’s pretty popular among robot fans. 12, 000 1, 200
Chapter 7: This robot must be manufactured at the factory

Icon Name Description Price Sell
Items mirror of truth
Mirror of Truth
Its straight, unadorned statements are like words from heaven. 7, 200 720
Chapter 8: Teleport to Vedan: Spaceport/ Depot. Head south towards the trains. At the dead end on the right you will find Gyzer. Talk to him while controlling Jaster. The trick here is to have all members talk to Gyzer. This requires you swap allies; control on at a time; have each one talk to Gyzer. Once everyone has talked to him personally switch control over Jaster again and talk to Gyzer again to receive the Mirror of truth.

Icon Name Description Price Sell
Items rakshasa heart
Rakshasa Heart
A heart-shaped crystal. Put your ear to it to hear a strange rhythm. 8, 000 800
Chapter 8: Go to Vedan: Myna/ Near Item Shop Corbis. Head towards the entrance of Cancer King's Ruins. Minty is before the ladder leading to the sewers. Talk to him then return the Corbis's shop. Examine the trash east of the shop to receive Rakshasa Heart.

Icon Name Description Price Sell
Items shiska's necklace
Shiska's Necklace
A necklace with a clear jewel. Carrying it makes you wistful for some reason. 13, 000 1, 300
Chapter 11: Begin from Rosa: Johannasburg/ Plaza. North-west of the Transporter (north-east from the compass) is Rydel. Talk to him until all information has been added to your Info Edge. Teleport to Johannasburg/ In Town. From the Transporter go a few steps right (south from the compass) then take the stairs on your left. Examine the flower pot behind the house to receive Shicka's Necklace.

Icon Name Description Price Sell
Items the annals of hades
The Annals of Hades
AKA “The Hades Chronicle.” A history book written in mysterious ancient lettering. 6, 000 600
Chapter 7: You can buy this item from Corbis once you have obtained the Platinum License.

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