Opponent InfoEdit

Rank e randall

KAPLAN: Pegasus Beetle (King)
ENORMO: Big Staggy
BUZZ: Stingbee
INCHY: Cutterpillar
AKANE: Springtail
Pay attention to the two flying Insectors. Both can get near your king if it's surrounding is not guarded. Additionally, Stingbee can poison your allies and Springtail can immobilize your Insectors. Cutterpillar can be a threat if it's Body Blow anihilate your offensive Insector. Best stratgey is to take out the two flying insectors first followed by Cutterpillar. Beware of Big Staggy it can toss your Insectors out of the board if they are close to the edge. Lastly, Pegasus Beetle can crush your Insectors and if others are behind it can cause a chain reaction. Make sure your Insectors are not align in a straight line when dealing with the King.

Insectors statsEdit

  Rank e 02 pegasus beetle Rank e 02 big staggy Rank e 02 stingbee Rank e 02 cutterpillar Rank e 02 springtail
Name Pegasus Beetle Big Staggy Stingbee Cutterpillar Springtail
HP 232 188 152 170 135
Str 22 33 17 33 31
Def 36 17 21 15 21
Knockback 21 7 13 14 21
Confusion 12 14 17 23 16
Cut 14 21 11 4 20
Explosion 16 17 7 9 19
Throw 14 14 19 12 18
Poison 20 6 12 7 22

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