Protobeast 031 Stats
031 Protobeast
Level HP Attack Defense
20 1, 050 97 190
Exp Zehn Min Zehn Max Barrier
23 66 82 None
Elemental Weakness Min Kills Max Points
None 30 1, 700
Item Drops (Rate)
Divine Healing (10%), Dragon God Skull (4%), Resurrection (3%), Max Heal (3%), Ruby (2%), Smoked Rainbow Newt (1%)

Protobeasts roam the upper floors of Rosencaster Prison, mindlessly and ferociously attacking anything that moves. They are the result of top secret (read: illegal) scientific experiments taking place under the supervision of Warden Rosencaster designed to create Monsters from combining human bodies with Rune. So far, the tests have been successful with both live and dead humans. The monsters that roam the lower floors of the prison are likely from earlier Runeexperiments that led up to the Protobeast project.


Protobeasts characteristically have white upper bodies and black lower bodies, possibly pants. They have long arms and a ghastly growl. They tend to attack by slapping and with poison breath, but aren't encountered all that often. In fact, they seem to stick to only a small area of the prison.


  • It's ironic that they drop Resurrections if you consider that the experiments are also partially trying to figure out how to bring back the dead. Not only are Protobeasts technically Undead, but the researchers are giving them the very items they're trying to figure out how to make in order to bring back the dead. Two-and-a-half Billion Zehn to research how to create an item that Jaster and company have been buying for only 200 Zehn ever since Salgin...
  • When you think about it, there's only one other creature out there that runs around in dark-colored pants without a shirt on attacking everything in sight: The Hulk.