Mother's true form.

Ilzarbella also known as the "Mother of all Rune", is the true name of the main antagonist and formally a sorceress of the Era of the Star King.


Although introduced late into the game, Mother is the true source of all the rune plagueing the galaxy. Mother has been on Mariglenn for thousands of years sucking the life from it. Queen Freidias was the one who created the seal to Mariglenn to stop Mother from plaguein the rest of the galaxy. Once Jaster and the crew learn of Mother they quickly travel to Gulza Sanctuary to release their drigellums to create a sword to defeat Mother. The sword is created by Yuvan and is called Zeo Sychros. After traversing Mother's Lair the crew fights and defeats mother. But after the battle Mother reveals her true self, Ilzarbella, and attacks Jaster & co. After another fight Jaster, being controlled by the Star King, plunges Zeo Sychros into Mother killing Ilzarbella once and for all.