Opponent Info (Rank A: Round 5)Edit

Rank a monj

YORITOMO: Lord Hopper (King)
FUJINOSUKE: Crescent Beetle
MOMOTAROU: Pseudo Staggy
YAMOTO: Susanoo Beetle
KIYOMARU: Itsahorse
First thing is to murder Itsahorse because right at the start it will charge forward and start kicking your Insectors. As you already know you should be very careful against Pseudo Staggy. As long as you limit it's throw ability your Insectors will be safe from getting out of the board. Susanoo Beetle's Crushing Horn can really hurt when it connects. So this is the one among those that you need to defeat as fast as possible. The remaining should be less threatening than the three Insectors already mentioned.

Insectors statsEdit

Stats Rank a 05 lord hopper Rank a 05 crescent beetle Rank a 05 pseudo staggy Rank a 05 susanoo beetle Rank a 05 itsahorse
Name Lord Hopper Crescent Beetle Pseudo Staggy Susanoo Beetle Itsahorse
HP 754 608 618 610 602
Str 88 84 90 82 82
Def 76 88 72 72 70
Knockback 86 61 57 55 66
Confusion 85 55 70 62 62
Cut 89 69 59 66 68
Explosion 84 64 57 57 70
Throw 82 56 54 61 68
Poison 85 63 55 56 62

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