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Opponent Info (Rank C: Round 4)Edit

Rank c matthew

DESTRO: Poseidon Beetle (King)
SPIKKIO: Spike Roller
BOMBONZA: Bomb Roller
GUMDROP: Gum Rolller
DUNGAN: Dung Roller
A team mostly with rollers. However, it's best not underestimate them for each roller can guard at least once before your attacks counts. Once you have break their rollers they should all fall easily. Now, the king is a rank 7 plus level 4 Insector. This one can really annihilate your Insectors. It's Crushing Horn is deadly and can cause a chain reaction. Best stratgey is to surround it and attack or if your Insectors can hit from range that would work well.

Insectors statsEdit

Stats Rank c 04 poseidon beetle Rank c 04 spike roller Rank c 04 bomb roller Rank c 04 gum roller Rank c 04 dung roller
Name Poseidon Beetle Spike Roller Bomb Roller Gum Rolller Dung Roller
HP 420 588 584 584 590
Str 78 60 61 62 62
Def 68 50 58 60 63
Knockback 66 30 47 48 34
Confusion 51 47 47 45 30
Cut 51 47 42 47 49
Explosion 56 34 48 47 32
Throw 69 49 42 38 30
Poison 53 35 35 37 35

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