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Opponent InfoEdit

Rank e matilda

DINAH: Big Staggy (King)
JUNIOR: Super Mantis
PTERON: Flaparound
BOPPER: Hop Skipper
WINNIE: Itsahorse
Flaparound will definitely charge forward in search for your King. Take it out as fast as you can before it blasts away your Insectors. Itsahorse can kick your Insector one square from front and the rear. Make sure your King is not near the edge as long as the horse is on the field. Beware of Big Staggy it can toss your Insectors out of the board if they are close to the edge. Don't expect much from the other Insectors they will go down easily.

Insectors statsEdit

  Rank e 03 big staggy Rank e 03 super mantis Rank e 03 flaparound Rank e 03 hop skipper Rank e 03 itsahorse
Name Big Staggy Super Mantis Flaparound Hop Skipper Itsahorse
HP 212 182 152 174 158
Str 30 38 32 34 26
Def 32 36 38 28 30
Knockback 19 7 5 18 19
Confusion 16 6 12 5 12
Cut 22 7 9 17 18
Explosion 18 23 15 13 10
Throw 22 19 24 12 9
Poison 11 22 20 15 19

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