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MIO is a famous idol on Zerard who works at the Galaxy Corparation headquarters as a day job. She is, among other things, responsible for renewing Galactic Travel Visas, leading to an altercation with the party. She was also childhood friends with Doctor Pocacchio's son Mark. When she is at one of her famous concerts, a robotic clone called M10 fills in for her at Galaxy Corporation. MIO has her own fan-club, totaling over 78500 members, with Jaster being number 0078500.

Appearance/Personality Edit

MIO is a medium-height, slender female with light skin. She has pink hair, which she keeps in long pigtails, and a hat that resembles a futuristic version of cat ears, with a mouthpiece. She wears a Galaxy Corporation uniform, distinguished by the blue color, while most of the other receptionists wear green.

MIO's personality is that of a stereotypical teenage girl. She is bubbly and upbeat, which adds to her popularity. Many people compliment her on her tenaciousness towards her job. However, she also seems to have a more serious side, as shown during a cutscene in which she smuggles data to Dr. Pocacchio. In this cutscene, it is also revealed that she was a childhood friend of Mark, the deceased son of Dr. Pocacchio.

Opponent Info (Rank S: Second Time: Round 4)Edit

Rank s 09 mio

RED EMPRESS: Dark Emperor(King)
BLUE SWORD: Crescent Beetle
SAKURA: Faerie Tot
BIG STAR: Retro Mantis
MARU: Lady Beetle
Faerie Tot will charge forward to attack your Insectors. Take it out in a single turn before Lady Beetle arrives at it's rescue. If you have a Faerie on your side try to charm Crescent Beetle. Pay attention to the movement of Retro Mantis so that it doesn't get the chance of using Sickle Dance. This round is a bit easier than the previous one. As usual make sure you have a few Insectors alive when you are up against the King.

Insectors statsEdit

Stats Rank s 09 dark emperor Rank s 09 crescent beetle Rank s 09 faerie tot Rank s 09 retro mantis Rank s 09 lady beetle
Name Dark Emperor Crescent Beetle Faerie Tot Retro Mantis Lady Beetle
HP 999 816 730 838 900
Str 114 92 98 90 94
Def 102 90 104 92 100
Knockback 107 94 90 91 92
Confusion 101 81 88 98 97
Cut 100 95 82 83 89
Explosion 110 84 86 84 89
Throw 117 80 98 95 93
Poison 106 88 84 98 96

Opponent Info (Rank S: Third Time: Round 4)Edit

RED EMPRESS: Dark Emperor(King)
BLUE SWORD: Crescent Beetle
SAKURA: Faerie Tot
BIG STAR: Retro Mantis
MARU: Lady Beetle
This time the opponent's team is stronger. Each one of them is very dangerous. Since Faerie Tot will advance forward try to take it out in a single turn. Next, defeat Crescent Beetle and Retro Mantis. If you find Lady Beetlemovingnear it's injured allies you better defeat it before it heals them. As usual make sure you have a few Insectors remaining at the end to fight against the king.


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