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Jaster is confronted by two Longardian Soldiers

The Longardian Federation is one of two political entities mentioned during the events of Rogue Galaxy. They are apparently the government of the Wilherser System and are also apparently at war with another entity known as the Draxilian Empire. In truth, though, the government's actual influence has been subverted due to the practically all-encompassing influence of the Daytron Corporation in all of the aspects of its activities from mere commerce all the way to the war effort.

Story RelevanceEdit

The Longardian Federation and its conflict with the Draxilian Empire is rarely alluded to during the main storyline except for in a few places:

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Admiral Banarge (left), the Chairman Vandersch (center) and Valkog Drazer (right)


  • Chairman Vandersch: The Chairman of the Longardia War Council. He has little actual power, as evidenced during the Emperor Unveiled cutscene where, in the presence of Daytron President Valkog, his voice is but an inaudible mumble of half-hearted agreement.
  • Admiral Fox Banarge: Anti-War Admiral of the Longardian forces. His views are less than popular, to say the least.
  • Daytron President Valkog Drazer: The head of the Daytron Corporation whose influence seemingly knows no bounds...and he knows it.


  • The overall appearance of the Longardian soldiers reminds that of the Stormtrooper from Star Wars.
  • The Longardian guards from a cutscene early in the story also look and even sound like some of the Desians from Tales of Symphonia, especially as pertains to their helmets/visors.