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Opponent InfoEdit

Rank e keller

WALTER: Faerie (King)
OCTOMAN: Big Bazoo Beetle
MORTON: Cutter Spring
SCARAN: Gum Roller
Make sure your Insectors are out of range from Big Bazoo Beetle and Cold Cuts. Both can deals critical damage to your Insectors. Gum Roller can protect itself but will go down with a few hits. The most dangerous one is the Faerie. If it's Charm Beam somehow connect on your most powerful Insector you might lose this one. Since Faerie is the King of this round make sure you have more than one Insector at the end.

Insectors statsEdit

  Rank e 04 faerie Rank e 04 big bazoo beetle Rank e 04 cold cuts Rank e 04 cutter spring Rank e 04 gum roller
Name Faerie Big Bazoo Beetle Cold Cuts Cutter Spring Gum Roller
HP 240 176 176 150 188
Str 30 38 32 30 28
Def 30 30 26 26 30
Knockback 21 25 25 22 7
Confusion 14 6 18 11 9
Cut 14 14 11 20 22
Explosion 24 13 6 13 22
Throw 19 10 11 24 12
Poison 10 16 12 20 24

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