Opponent Info (Rank A: Round 1)Edit

Rank a kalt

SPIKE SAGE: Tornado Mantis (King)
HAMKOVICH: Handsome Faerie
LI'L HUNTER: Little Elf
KILLER EYE: Noble Faerie
Four faeries in this round. As you already know their charm ability is quite annoying. It's always best to get rid of them as fast as possible. At the start of this round all faeries might charge forward leaving their king behind. Since they are coming your way you should take this opportunity to finish them as soon as possible. Beware of the Tornado Mantis' Sickle Dance for this technique can really hurt. Assault the king with all your Insectors before it get its turn.

Insectors statsEdit

Stats Rank a 01 tornado mantis Rank a 01 handsome faerie Rank a 01 sprite Rank a 01 little elf Rank a 01 noble faerie
Name Tornado Mantis Handsome Faerie Sprite Little Elf Noble Faerie
HP 684 508 508 522 538
Str 92 98 92 84 84
Def 76 80 70 84 74
Knockback 75 51 63 48 54
Confusion 83 45 59 63 46
Cut 60 60 48 60 50
Explosion 67 59 56 61 54
Throw 68 50 57 51 49
Poison 71 48 58 58 47

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