An Airship Crashing into Juraika

Juraika is a jungle planet full of bugs, fruit and natives located in the Wilherser System. Juraika is full of natural beauty, preserved due to the fact that the native tribes have not changed their ways of life for thousands of years. This is where the crew of the Dorgenark first meets Lilika Rhyza during an unexpected stop when their Booster Oil runs out.

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Zegram, Jaster and Kisala on planet Juraika

Planetary Profile Edit

Climate: Humid
Population: Primitive and Sparse
Areas: Rhyzas Swamp, Path to Burkaqua, Burkaqua Village, Path to the Altar, Path to the Ruins, Leo King's Castle
Major Exports: Fire Fruit, Coffee, Insectors
Major Imports: Tourists, Crashing Airships, Archaeologists

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Areas of Interest Edit