Johannasburg is a village in Rosa hidden behind the Kuje Desert.


Johanna is a peacefull village from ancient times, when Rosa was still a flourishing planet instead of a desertic one. One day Johanna arrived in the city and became attached with it and its kind-hearted villagers thinking of them like a family. Unfortunately some time later the village was stricken by a letal disease and to save the population Johana used her Star king's powers to create a time-space barrier around the village so that the flow of time inside it will stop and the infected would not die. Doing this the villagers will continue to live forever inside the barrier and the village get separated from the rest of the planet hidden inside an illusion in the Kuje Desert. To protect the secret of her powers Johanna removed all the memories of the villagers of her but for some inexplicable reason they never forgot her completely and out of gratitude called the village "Johannasburg" in her honor.

Eighteen years before Jaster becoming one of Dorgengoa's pirates Mizel Rogue get lost in the Juje Desert walking for days without food or water. Just when he was ready to give up and collapsed on the sand Johanna appeared and carried him to Johannasburg. After some time together the two fell in love and after several month Johanna become pregnant. Johanna then revealed the village's secret to Mizel and the two together decided to leave Johannasburg for the sake of their son. Once outside Johanna give birth to Jaster but dies shortly after because during her time in the village she had contracted the fatal disease and once outside the barrier she was defenseless, Johanna knew this but decided to leave Johannasburg at the cost of her own life for her child. Alone and knowing that Jaster's powers can change the universe Mizel leaved him in the care of his long time friend Raul to be raised as a fine man and continued to watch him in the shadows waiting for the time when Jaster's powers will awaken and he will reveal him his story.

When Jaster Rogue and Kisala arrived in the village they met Johanna's ghost that after awakening Jaster's powers revealed to him his origins as her son and the story of the village.




Name Price License Factory Chapters Available (Quantity)
Heal Potion 50 No No 10 - 13+ (Inf)
Tri-Heal 80 No No 10 - 13+ (Inf)
Perfect Heal 300 No No 10 (x10), 11 - 12 (x15), 13 - 13+ (Inf)
Recharge Drink 70 No No 10 - 13+ (Inf)
Tri-Charge 120 No No 10 - 13+ (Inf)
Elixir 250 No No 10 (x10), 11 - 12 (x20), - 13+ (Inf)
Resurrection 200 No No 10 - 13+ (Inf)
Hyper Crystal 2, 800 No No 10 (x5), 11 - 12 (x10), 13 - 13+ (x15)
Omega Star 2, 800 No No 10 (x10), 11 - 13+ (x15)
Stella Crystal 700 No No 10 - 12 (x3), 13 - 13+ (Inf)
Trumpet of Glory 200 No No 10 - 12 (x2), 13 - 13+ (Inf)
Ancient Scroll III 7, 500 No No 10 - 13+ (x4)

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