Individer Stats
Boss Individer
Level HP Attack Defense
99 7, 000 90 200
Exp Zehn Min Zehn Max Barrier
259 560 560 None
Elemental Weakness
Item Drops (Rate)
Tri-Heal (100%), Resurrectionx2
This boss is invincible to all attack's must be frozen first to damage it to do so use the Freeze Shot gun.Do not worry about the small monsters. Use moves like Flash sword to power up your attack to do as much damage as possible and guard when it jumps


Individer 01

The Individer

The Individer is an enormous slime spider that lives in Juraika and is the resposible of the corruption of the fruit and the creation of the Dark Fruit. Long time before the events of Rogue Galaxy when Miri, Lilika younger sister, and her Mother had been out in the Jungle picking fruit, the monster attacks them. In the attack,  the beast killed their mother. Lilika was knocked away from her sister, whom the beast had laid eyes upon next. In Lilika's memory, she fought valiantly against the beast...but her blows came to naught. It almost seemed as if, for all the good it was doing, she was striking at water. The beast attacked Miri and took her eyesight. Years later, when Miri is to be sacrificed to the "Star God" in order to halt the spread of the Dark Fruit, the Individer reappears. This time, Lilika defeats it with the help of Jaster, Kisala and the Freeze Shot, which hardened the beast's liquid-like skin into a damageable form. finally the individer is defeated and Lilika had her revenge. Near the end of the story, it is revealed that Lilika did not fight the beast as she remembered: instead, when her sister called to her, she froze in panic. Seeing Miri being mauled by the beast, she could not bear to live with the memory that she had sat by and done nothing to save Miri from the beast. As such, she fabricated her memories so that she would think she fought it, just to keep the guilt away. Another Individer is encountered on the Ghost ship but this one is killed by Dorgengoa before you get a chance to fight it. Also on the Ghost Ship, you have to fight the Individer on Juraika again, but this time it is more powerful.

Trivia Edit

The Individer's design appears to be based off of the Demon Form of Nago, the corrupted Boar God from Studio Ghibli's film, Princess Mononoke.