Henry is a lower class prison guard. Along with Robert he is seen numerous times during some cutseens doing trivial activities. He is a very enthusiastic MIO fan.

Opponent Info (Rank B: Round 2)Edit

Rank b henry

HENRY JR.: Narcissus Beetle (King)
ANGEL MIO: Butterflap
MIOTHRA: Flappillon
HONEY MIO: Lovely Honey
SWEET MIO: Honeybee
From prior experience you should know that flying Insectors usually charge forward to assault your King. Start with a good lineup to avoid being in a bad situation right at the start. Lovely Honey and Honeybee can poison your Insectors and that's not a good thing. You would want to take out these two first followed by the other two flying Insectors. Lastly, finish the king before it uses it's Crushing Horn.

Insectors statsEdit

Stats Rank b 02 narcissus beetle Rank b 02 butterflap Rank b 02 flappillon Rank b 02 lovely honey Rank b 02 honeybee
Name Narcissus Beetle Butterflap Flappillon Lovely Honey Honeybee
HP 510 358 374 356 366
Str 78 86 82 82 80
Def 74 76 78 68 70
Knockback 67 51 39 53 38
Confusion 68 54 51 43 53
Cut 57 52 40 48 44
Explosion 70 45 48 47 46
Throw 59 50 42 37 51
Poison 64 53 45 48 53

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