A mysterious sword imbued with power of the moon. Also known as Sword of vivid moonlight. It's a main weapon for Zegram. Tips about the blueprint can be obtained from Alban and Mukajiri. Both are at Rosa: Salgin Residential Area / Plaza. Alaban is at the south end of the Plaza. Precisely to the left of Yago. Where you paid Katahiri 200 Zehn to complete chapter 1. Mukajiri is inside Lazark's shop. Once manufactured this item will be on sale at Mohandis's shop. The earliest time you can develop this sword is by chapter 8, but if you don't have a Chameleon Particulate from an Assault Walker drop or from a Cancer King's Ruins chest, you'll have to wait until chapter 10 to buy it from Bivine.


Crescent moon


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