Opponent Info (Rank D: Round 5)Edit

Rank d fabre

SWAMPY: Rhyzas Looper (King)
FENCER: Blade Beetle
KHAN: Big Bazoo Beetle
ARMADUKE: Hoppin' Mad
SHELDON: Spotted Lady
Finally the one who first told you about Insectors. Considering his team for this round it's not much of a threat. The only one you should be careful of is Big Bazoo Beetle. His cannon shots can easily annihilate an Insector. The remaining Insectors can be defeated easily. Fabre can be defeated only once. After defeat he will be replaced by Burmani.

Insectors statsEdit

  Rank d 05a rhyzas looper Rank d 05a blade beetle Rank d 05a big bazoo beetle Rank d 05a hoppin mad Rank d 05a spotted beetle
Name Rhyzas Looper Blade Beetle Big Bazoo Beetle Hoppin' Mad Spotted Lady
HP 360 220 242 240 384
Str 50 61 59 57 47
Def 54 42 46 54 58
Knockback 40 33 25 36 25
Confusion 52 37 31 23 30
Cut 53 39 30 31 39
Explosion 40 26 27 20 33
Throw 51 39 31 38 29
Poison 45 28 28 37 25

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