Opponent Info (Rank B: Round 4)Edit

Rank b ertessa

MUSCLE FUJI: Staggy Hulk (King)
GIGA FAKER: Pseudo Staggy
MT. SLICE: Scissorface
BIG KILLER: Big Staggy
In this round you are up against Insectors from the Staggy Family. Allies or enemies; Staggy are formibdable Insectors. Their Scissor Throw can throw your Insectors outside the board. Against this team you have to carefully forecast how your opponents will move after your turn. Place your King at the back of your front line and play one or two Insectors on the edge. As such the opponents throw ability will be restricted. It's better to get throw on the board rather than outside. This round is a tricky one. As long as you can restrict your opponents Scissor Throw you should be able to win this one as well.

Insectors statsEdit

Stats Rank b 04 staggy hulk Rank b 04 pseudo staggy Rank b 04 scissorface Rank b 04 big staggy Rank b 04 staggy
Name Staggy Hulk Pseudo Staggy Scissorface Big Staggy Staggy
HP 592 422 430 434 446
Str 82 86 72 78 76
Def 66 64 62 72 64
Knockback 69 57 51 46 59
Confusion 63 48 50 54 55
Cut 62 40 42 49 45
Explosion 68 53 58 40 50
Throw 73 57 50 50 53
Poison 61 55 45 53 46

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