Based in the Yggdra system the Draxilian Empire is only talked about in the game. They are at war with the Longardian Fediration. Very little is known about them, as they are thought of as threats to many. Only three Draxillians are seen in the game, all of which appear in Deego's flash back. They share the same character design as Zerard citizens. The Draxilian Empire are said to be very advanced as they fought the Longardian Federation up to par for years.


During the game, an old man on Rosa says that when he was young he wanted to be a Draxilian soldier.

When Jaster and friends are thrown into Rosencaster prison they are accused of being Draxillian spies for "bombing" the Galaxy Corporation.

Only one Draxillion weapon appears in the game; one of Jaster's blaster, the "Zenon D".

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