Steve and his "father" Dr. Pocacchio.

Dr. Donald Pocacchio is a former scientist who works at the Daytron Starship Factory. He is the person who created Steve after his son. Mark, passed away through illness.


During the fight with Jupis Tooki McGanel, he assists you by giving you the barrier breaker to defeat his robot, Johnny. After you defeat Jupis, you obtain the factory. The factory allows you to sythesize items with bluebrints found by talking to people. He and his assistant sell you needed items to craft in the factory. He is seen numerous times in cutseens talking to Steve with a strange telepathic device. Most of the time he spends talking with his late son Mark through the same device in Steve. He also happens to be an insectron opponent later on, and a very good one at that.

Opponent Info (Rank S: Second Time: Round 5)Edit

Rank s 10 pocacchio

IR-MAX: White Miracle(King)
STELLA: Stellarpillar
SMASHER: Military Beetle
FLIPNOID: Flipdozer
OXIN: Dark Shell
First time you are up against White Miracle. This round might seem tough but if you play strategy-wise you will win comfortably. If you have any Insector from the Dung Roller family place it on the right most edge. It will occupy the attention of Military Beetle. As you already know Dung Roller can protect themselves using their roller. Military Beetle's Cannon Blast will rarely miss so Dung Roller are the best Insectors to go aganist it. At the start let the enemy approach your team. Give a turn if you have to and as usual assault one Insector at time. Military Beetle will stay at the back so you have to take out Stellarpillar, Flipdozer and Dark Shell first. If your Insectors are missing thier attacks too frequently then reset. You need at least 3 to 4 Insectors against the king. White Miracle has an abibilty similar to Sickle Dance except that it's ability confuse your Insectors for three turns. The best method to go against the king is to send one Insector at time. Your other Insectors should leave two squares away from the King. This way White Miraclewill only use normal attacks.

Insectors statsEdit

Stats Rank s 10 white miracle Rank s 10 stellarpillar Rank s 10 military beetle Rank s 10 flipdozer Rank s 10 dark shell
Name White Miracle Stellarpillar Military Beetle Flipdozer Dark Shell
HP 1 812 736 712 924
Str 1 94 106 92 104
Def 1 100 108 90 106
Knockback 32 108 104 106 109
Confusion 18 95 97 96 97
Cut 1 1 9 73 43
1 97 93 103 104
Throw 1 104 101 109 103
Poiso 1 92 108 105 90

Opponent Info (Rank S: Third Time: Round 5)Edit

IR-MAX: White Miracle(King)
STELLA: Stellarpillar
SMASHER: Military Beetle
FLIPNOID: Flipdozer
OXIN: Dark Shell
Each Insector in this round has 999 HP and all other attributes over 100. Your Insectors stats matter a lot here. For this round attack one Insector as a team. Start by placing a Dung Roller or any healing Insector on the right most edge to occupy the attention of Military Beetle. If you have Insector that can cause damage from range it will help a lot in this round. Stay at the back and take out one Insector at a time. Against the king you should attack with one Insector at a time while others wait. Your other Insectors should leave two squares away from White Miracle.

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