For the Factory item-making minigame, please click here.

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Inside the Daytron Starship Factory level

The Daytron Starship Factory of Zerard is the level in which Jaster and company hunt down and fight Jupis after he takes control of the factory and pretty much every other aspect of the government, even the operations of the nearby Galaxy Corporation such as the renewal of Intergalactic Travel Visas. It is currently the property of Jaster much to the annoyance and downfall of Valkog Drazer but to open hearted agreement by Inspecter Star, Dr. Pocchio, the employees and MIO all of which reward Jaster with ideas for construction in the factory, items constructed in the factory are after construction found in shops but eventually the production of the factory's items along with Jaster's other actions culminate in the death of Valkog Drazer, he likely still owns the the factory along with the other Daytron assets left behind.

Story RelevanceEdit

  • The party hunts down and defeats Jupis here.
  • After those events, the Factory minigame can be found here.
  • Dr. Pocacchio has set up his office here.
  • There is another factory on Alistia, but it can't be entered and serves only as a backdrop for a boss fight.

Enemies EncounteredEdit

Bosses EncounteredEdit