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Opponent Info (Rank D: Round 4)Edit

Rank d cordison

FLAPSTON: Desert Flapper (King)
MOONDESERT: Crescent Beetle
STRAY: Itsadonkey
SANDRA: Tarantulord
SUNSET: Lady Beetle
If the opponent happens to play first Tarantulord will attack your Insector on the left edge so make sure you don't place anyone there. Lady Beetle can use Healing Jig but the fact it's rank 1 Insector it's healing won't cover much. Itsadonkey can kick your Insectors one square back but the kick itself is not threating at all. Desert Flapper won't charge forward like it usually does for it's the king of this round. This is another match that can be conquered easily.

Insectors statsEdit

  Rank d 04 desert flapper Rank d 04 crescent beetle Rank d 04 itsadonkey Rank d 04 tarantulord Rank d 04 lady beetle
Name Desert Flapper Crescent Beetle Itsadonkey Tarantulord Lady Beetle
HP 368 210 224 238 208
Str 55 61 51 55 45
Def 46 52 56 58 44
Knockback 54 37 28 19 34
Confusion 50 21 26 34 37
Cut 51 23 33 27 32
Explosion 50 24 31 29 22
Throw 52 37 32 26 34
Poison 44 30 31 27 32

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