Cleaner Bob 034 Stats
034 Cleaner Bob
Level HP Attack Defense
24 1, 100 127 198
Exp Zehn Min Zehn Max Barrier
34 88 110 None
Elemental Weakness Min Kills Max Points
Electric 30 1, 200
Item Drops (Rate)
Iron Cube (10%), Heal Potion (4%), CO2 Powder (3%), Retro Boombox (3%), Carbon Alloy (3%), Strength Star (2%), Diamond (1%)

Daytron Starship Factory

Cleaner Bob is a model of robotic cleaning droid encountered in the hallways and cargo bays of the Daytron Starship Factory.


Cleaner Bobs appear identical to the Max robots, except that they have green plating and have a Dustpan and Broom combo for hands. As the name implies, they are mostly responsible for cleaning the areas that they patrol and clearing the trash from the interior pathways. However, keep in mind that there are more forms of "trash" in the universe than just the inanimate kind...


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