Opponent Info (Rank D: Round 5)Edit

Rank d burmani

RHYZON: Fishface Beetle (King)
TWISTY: Tornado Mantis
FLLUIP: Hop Skipper
GUMMI: Ladybird
You need to be careful from all Insectors in this round. Starting from Tornado Mantis that can attack multiple targets if your Insectors are close to it. Don't leave any gap near your King because Hop Skipper can leaps and attack from behind. Also don't forget about Fishface Beetle it will still shoot from behind if your Insectors are in range. Best startgey is to take out Hook Bee, Hop Skipper and Ladybird first. That way you won't have trouble getting rid of the remaining ones.

Insectors statsEdit

  Rank d 05b fishface beetle Rank d 05b tornado mantis Rank d 05b hook bee Rank d 05b hop skipper Rank d 05b ladybird
Name Fishface Beetle Tornado Mantis Hook Bee Hop Skipper Ladybird
HP 384 256 226 244 401
Str 60 59 47 49 53
Def 40 56 58 50 52
Knockback 46 33 39 36 39
Confusion 54 32 25 24 31
Cut 50 22 25 40 34
Explosion 51 23 23 34 40
Throw 50 28 30 32 35
Poison 44 28 34 24 41

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