Opponent Info (Rank C: Round 5)Edit

Rank c bolgo

MEGAHORN: Horned Lady (King)
JUDAS: Fishface Beetle
KABOOMER: Shrapnail
BIG POPPA: Big Bazoo Beetle
BOMBASTIC: Bomb Roller
The usual strategy is to stay out of range from Fishface Beetleand Big Bazoo Beetle. Because these two can easily defeat an Insector with their Cannon Blast. Shrapnail can drop a bomb and cause decent damage to your Insectors. This ability can also be beneficial if the opponents Insector are stationed where the bomb is droped. The bomb damages both enemies and allies alike. Horned Lady can heal and it will probably heal once or twice. The fact it's a King you won't be able to defeat it at the start of the round like you usually do. Take out the beetle first followed by Shrapnail. The remaining ones should fall easily.

Insectors statsEdit

Stats Rank c 05 horned lady Rank c 05 fishface beetle Rank c 05 shrapnail Rank c 05 big bazoo beetle Rank c 05 bomb roller
Name Horned Lady Fishface Beetle Shrapnail Big Bazoo Beetle Bomb Roller
HP 442 310 304 326 520
Str 78 74 76 72 62
Def 58 62 66 62 50
Knockback 62 36 34 32 35
Confusion 70 37 48 51 38
Cut 52 45 36 36 41
Explosion 59 39 45 37 50
Throw 59 41 43 38 47
Poison 66 41 33 37 40

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