Arabis was a pirate captain famous for his enormous and unbelivable treasure. 800 years before the beginning of Rogue Galaxy he and his crew were going in search of a planet rumored to be entirely made of gold, but before finding it he, his ship, and his crew get trapped in a space-time anomaly and unable to escape they disappeared. Since then his ghost, along with his crew and his ghost ship drifted through the darkness of space endelessly reappearing casually for time to time. Now obessesed with his treasure and harboring a deep hostility against everyone that tries to get near his treasure he fought and get defeated by Jaster Rogue & Co with the help of a young time-dispalced Dorgengoa making him also free from his curse.

Strategy Edit

Arabis is not fast but is a heavy hitter and his normal attacks tends to inflict the burnt status. His best attacks are a beam of fire with long range that does high damage but can be easily avoided especially if far from him, and the second is a very dangerous brief close range spinning attack that does high damage to all the party members around Arabis and can even make a game over if all the three party members were in range. Attacking from distance is preferable especially during his spinning attack.

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