Angela's Bar

Angela's Bar is a bar owned by Angela Seas and located in the city of Myna on the planet Vedan.



Angela, the owner of the bar

Once in Vedan Jaster and Kisala enter Angela's Bar and meet for the first time Deego Aegis and the owner of the bar, Angela, that used to be in love with Deego. After being threatened by Gale Dorban, an old acquaintance of both Angela and Deego working for the boss Zax Morarty, Jaster and company team up with an archeolegist, Burton Willis, in search for the tablet to unlock the secrets of Eden.

The bar is later burned down by Junia Morarty and the members of the Morarty's gang, and it does not get repaired until chapter 8 of the game.


  • The Star key can be found here in a chest next to Angela.
  • If you don't get it in time before the bar burns down, you will have to wait until chapter 8.
  • There is a picture of Deego, Angela, and Gale together. The picture was taken back when Deego and Gale were in the military together.

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