Alekt Rosencaster is the longardian warden of the main prison of Zerard. After Jaster, Lilika, and Simon are falsely accused of bombing the Galaxy Corporation, they are sent to the prison, where Rosencaster sends the three of them to a level 4 cell, which is highly guarded, and where no one has ever escaped.

He is seen as a very hot headed man. He misses his wife Claudia, who had died in the past. He mourns her by holding a picture that shows him and Claudia together.

Rosencaster also appears as a boss fight at the end of the chapter (it is reccommended that you be a level 20 or higher) and after being defeated he get's killed by Norma Kissleigh, who says that he's "fired".


  • Through the words of some guards, he used to be nice and soft before Claudia died.
  • One soldier states that after his wife Claudia died, he took care for her Insector for her.
  • His office is actually accessable in the game. To get to it, you have to go to the A1 level and go to the area where you previously fought him. Look at the map, and there should be an isolated room shown. That is Rosencaster's office. There is nothing of interest there, no chests and no NPCs to talk to.

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