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Jaster's Desert Wind attack

Types of AbilitiesEdit

  • Weapon Enhancement: When activated, the weapon of the character using the ability temporarily takes on certain elemental traits. A gauge then appears on-screen displaying the charge left on the move before the move will need to be used again as a little bit of charge is lost with every strike. These attacks often cause status ailments in the targets when the attacks connect. Examples of these are Flash Sword, Blast Arrow and Electro-Punch.
  • Buffs: Be it to the user or the entire party, these techniques are meant to boost stats and work great in conjunction with Weapon Enhancement moves. Examples of these are Drunken Burst, Warrior God's Cry and Protection.
  • Group Damage: These abilities deal area-effect damage to enemies on the battlefield. Examples of these are Desert Wind, Star Charm and Missile Squall.
  • Innate: These techniques add to the affected character's stats permanently and are always in effect after they are unlocked. Sometimes they actually increase stats while other times they increase resistances to certain elements. Examples of these are HP Up, AP Efficiency and Wind Up.

Character's abilitiesEdit


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